San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Memorial

The memorial will consist of an illuminated 6” layered glass wall standing 4.5’ high and 15 feet long along West Lawn along Harbor Drive at the San Diego County Administration Center. Illumination will normally be with a white light, but will change to blue for period of mourning when a line of duty death occurs in the region and during the annual ceremony each May.

The memorial rests on a 4’ wide and 19’ long inscribed granite base. The base will be adjacent to a walkway leading from Harbor Drive to the South entrance of the County Administration Center. The names of the line of duty deaths will be sandblasted into the exterior glass and seven select words of meaning will be etched in the interior glass panels.

Major donors for the regional memorial include San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts, San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox, the San Diego County Deputy Sheriff’s Foundation and the San Diego & Imperial Counties Chapter of PORAC. The cost is the memorial is estimated at $250,000.